Organized, efficient, creative, and enthusiastic are four words I could use to describe myself since childhood. From my elementary school days where I fell in love with making calendars and creating study guides for each of my classes, to my college days where I coordinated multi-way orientation programs and social events, and into my adult life helping my friends make sense of their new homes.


In 2020 I had the opportunity to rethink my career path and realized I couldn’t keep putting my passion on the back-burner. I launched this company and began working at the Container Store where I became a custom designer gaining spacial design experience and extensive market knowledge. Now, I am focused solely on my clients, the work we are doing together, and serving the community I grew up in — Houston, Texas — and haven’t looked back. 
When I’m not working, I’m cooking, gardening, spending time in nature, playing with my precious pup Leena, or spending time with family. These activities make my soul happy, and empower me to grow. Ultimately, that is my wish for you too — that you’ll find what brings you joy and together we can give you the time and space to make your lifelong goals and short term needs into a tangible reality. 

I have always loved working with people and problem solving to make the best and most efficient solutions. 

"I love how thoroughly my to-do lists and tasks and projects are managed. Nothing falls through the cracks now! I left town recently and, while walking out the door was informed my child needed a specific piece of paperwork. I put my hands on it in seconds because it had all been organized! Just one little recent example of the good it’s done in my life."


- Anabel

- Miranda

"I was feeling overwhelmed with the task of organizing my closet as I had no idea where to even start. But, Evelyn was able to come in and easily make my closet a functional and organized space for me! I can breathe easier knowing that everything has a place that is easy to access and maintain.”


- Chandni

"I recently moved and Evelyn came over to help me set up my place. She organized all of my accessories and clothing into specific bins so that everything had a place, and organized my living room so that it was functional but also looked good! She created a system across my home to organize my chaos in a sustainable way so that whenever things start to get messy I know exactly where everything belongs and can easily put my place back together.”


- Kimberly

"Evelyn is a pleasure to work with. Beyond being extremely organized, she is detail oriented and pleasant, making time with her feel like time with a good friend."


- Shauna

"Evelyn is one of the easiest people to work with I have ever encountered. A true team player with a heart of gold. She’s organized, efficient and reliable, and an asset to any team.”